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Best and Worst ways to eat Potatoes

In Honor of St. Patrick’s Day, Coupons.com ranked the best and worst ways to eat potatoes; PLUS FREE POTATOES!

(Mountain View – March 15, 2019) — Have you seen the viral challenge ranking the Frito-Lay variety pack chips? Or the LA Times stamping their opinion on the best and worst fast food French fries and breakfast cereal

Coupons.com is up for a challenge too: ranking different ways to eat potatoes from Yummiest to Meh. Are French fries better than mashed potatoes?  Tater tots better than hash browns?  


Here is our office survey results. Do you agree? Also, to inspire you to enjoy your favorite potato version, we’re giving away Free Potatoes for a week!

Here is our ranking, from yummiest to meh:

French Fries

Home fries

Tater tots

Hash browns

Potato chips

Baked potatoes

Mashed potatoes

Scalloped potatoes

Potato salad

Potato skins

To get your free potatoes, download the Coupons.com mobile app, open the Walmart gallery, and tap the Free Potatoes coupon by Thursday,  March 21st. Buy your potatoes, submit your receipt, and get your money back. Free Potatoes might be the best kind of potatoes after all!

Here are some fun facts about potatoes:

  • They were the very first food to grow in space when in 1995 the space shuttle Columbia brought potato plants aboard.  
  • The word potato comes from the Spanish word “batata”.
  • Insects such as bumblebees pollinate potato plants. 

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