This US City Has Been Revealed As THE World's Most Sung About City
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This US City Has Been Revealed As THE World’s Most Sung About City

An interesting piece of research has revealed The World’s Most Sung About Cities and 12 of the top 20 are in the US.

With a total of 161 songs mentioning The Big Apple, New York has been officially revealed as The Most Sung About City In The World, with LA and Miami also appearing in the top five.  

Over 200,000 songs have been analysed to create Music Mapped – a first-of-its-kind interactive music map that plots the places around the world that have been mentioned the most in songs since the 1960s.

  • The world’s most sung about cities are: New York, London, LA, Paris and Miami 
  • Drake, Jay Z and Elvis Presley are the top three artists who mention the most places in their songs
  • Unexpected places that also make the list include Tulsa, El Paso and Roswell
  • Artists who sing about New York include The Rolling Stones, Notorious B.I.G, Jimi Hendrix and Jay Z

The 20 most sung about cities in the world are:

1. New York, USA – 161 songs11. Atlanta, USA – 23 songs
2. London, UK – 102 songs12 Detroit, USA – 23 songs
3. Los Angeles, USA – 87 songs13. Compton, USA – 21 songs
4. Paris, France – 52 songs14. Tokyo, Japan – 20 songs
5. Miami, USA – 46 songs15. Houston, USA – 16 songs
6. New Orleans, USA – 43 songs16. Las Vegas, USA – 16 songs
7. Rome, Italy – 30 songs17. Ibiza, Spain – 12 songs
8. San Francisco, USA – 28 songs18. Mumbai, India – 11 songs
9. Memphis, USA – 28 songs19. Liverpool, UK – 11 songs
10. Chicago, USA – 24 songs20. Milan, Italy – 10 songs

You can see the map here, and you can explore by artist, decade, song, genre or location.

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