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Honestly Margo – New Product 2019 – Aromatherapy!

Honestly Margo

Honestly Margo Expands It Lineup of All-Natural Aromatherapy Bath and Beauty Products 

Shower Mists, Salt Soaks and Sleep Balms Newest Offerings to Incorporate Health-Boosting Essential Oils

Honestly Margo is ringing in the new year with an expansion of its American-made aromatherapy bath and beauty line. In 2019, the company will augment its product lineup to include shower mists, salt soaks and sleep balms. Suffused with all-natural essential oils, these newest offerings induce an expensive spa experience from the inexpensive comfort of one’s home. To give customers an opportunity to experience these bath and beauty items firsthand, Honestly Margo will be traveling the country in the first quarter of 2019. The company and its aromatherapy products will be appearing at the Atlanta Gift Market in the beginning of January, the Dallas Gift Market mid-month and the Las Vegas Gift Market to close out the month.

Holding firm to its commitment to provide consumers with cruelty-free products that are inspired by nature with nothing but goodness in them, Honestly Margo has expanded its aromatherapy line to meet this growing market trend. Among the newest offerings to be added to the company’s inventory are all-natural Aromatherapy Salt Soaks (MSRP $20), Aromatherapy Shower Mists (MSRP $18) and Aromatherapy Sleep Balms (MSRP $10).

Infused with natural fragrance, the salt soaks feature a blend of Israel dead sea salt and Epsom salt that relieves stress and restores electrolyte balance. The shower mists incorporate aromatic essential oils. Designed to be sprayed into the steam produced by the shower, they create a spa-like experience with the benefits of aromatherapy at a fraction of the cost of an actual spa visit. 

As winter grips the nation, Honestly Margo’s mess-free aromatherapy sleep balms offer a natural way to fend off cold-weather havoc. Made from organic ingredients, they relieve not only stress but also headaches, colds and congestion. They also nourish and moisturize the lips to prevent and heal chapping. 

All three of the new products in Honestly Margo’s lineup come in Aurora, Clementine and Serenity scents to produce an energizing or calming aftereffect, depending on the preference of the user. Aurora offers the soothing scent of lavender while Clementine energizes with a refreshing blend of grapefruit and citrus. Serenity provides dual energizing and soothing benefits with an aromatic blend of menthol, eucalyptus and peppermint.

Aromatherapy embracers who want to reap the natural alternative-health benefits of aromatherapy in 2019 can learn more about Honestly Margo’s new essential oil bath and body products at Or they can drop by the Honestly Margo booth at the Atlanta Gift Market, the Dallas Gift Market or the Las Vegas Gift Market this January. Interested media may arrange a meeting with company management by calling 512-777-8602. 


About Honestly Margo 

Honestly Margo is a bath and beauty brand with the tagline “Inspired by Nature & You” underpinning its core beliefs and principles. Helmed by a mother-daughter team, the brand began from a young girl’s dream to create a business based upon inspiration, belief and persistence. Honestly Margo represents today’s women, creating products that are not only fun and fresh but also unique and relevant to what teens, tweens, Millennials and women are seeking. Pure goodness with good-for-you ingredients and products that feel amazing when used are the hallmarks behind Honestly Margo. For more information, please visit

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