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The Podcast Really Heating Up Your Life, Fork Yeah! 🍴

Mareya Ibrahim
Mareya Ibrahim

Chef Mareya Ibrahim is thrilled to announce the launch of her new podcast, Recipes for Your Best Life,” premiering on both iTunes and Stitcher this week with 10 episodes.  The podcast is “food for thought that you can really sink your teeth into, served up with a little spicy sass,” says Ibrahim.  With episodes titled “Why Everybody Should Be a Kitchen Magician,” “Three Keys to Unlocking the Fit Life For Good,” and “Think Before You Bite: What You Eat Can Hurt You,” and interviews with George Foreman IV and Marisa Wayne, Ibrahim whips up a winning recipe consisting of cutting-edge nutrition and lifestyle advice, delicious comic relief, celebrity guest appearances, and of course, hard-won wisdom from over 25 years of food industry experience.

Widely known as The Fit Foodie, CEO of Grown Green Industries, Inc. (GGI, Inc.) and co-creator of best-selling eatCleaner® line of products, Ibrahim has dedicated much of her career to keeping America informed about food safety, health trends, cooking tips and fit living, and looks forward to sharing her passion with with fans and listeners around the world. 

With a new book, “Eat Like You Give a Fork,” set to release this June, published by St. Martin’s Press, Ibrahim is most passionate about helping people live their best lives, distilling down the most relevant information and debunking the myths around diet and nutrition with easy-to-implement hacks.  Ibrahim believes when you get your food house in order, everything else falls into place.

“The truth is, you’re the chef of your own life,” explains Ibrahim, “And taking care of your health is cumulative. There’s no quick-fix or miracle in a pill – it’s about creating great habits and then repeating them.” 

Catch “Recipes for Your Best Life” this week, with new episodes released every Friday. Be sure to subscribe so that you never miss a minute of the fun, and share your listening experience using #rfybl with the tag @eatcleaner on Instagram. Connect with Chef Mareya on Facebook and visit or to learn more about Mareya and her 

award winning product line, explore new recipes and hear tips for “living deliciously and being the chef of your best life!”

About Chef Mareya, “The Fit Foodie”

Mareya Ibrahim is an award-winning entrepreneur, chef, author, holistic nutritionist and patented inventor.  She is the founder and CEO of Grow Green Industries, Inc., the makers of the eatCleaner® line of USDA biobased, organic and Kosher solutions for food safety and shelf life extension with brands including eatSafe, eatFresh, guardClean and avoFresh, for consumer and institutional use.

Mareya is the author of “Eat Like You Give a Fork,” releasing in June 2019 with St. Martin’s Press, and The Clean Eating Handbook.  She is also one of the signature ‘Daniel Plan’ Chefs and created the meal plans for the NY Times bestseller written by Dr. Rick Warren, Dr. Mark Hyman and Dr. Daniel Amen. Her regular column, ‘The Fit Foodie’ appears in Edible Orange County Magazine.  Her new podcast, Recipes For Your Best Life, filled with deliciously cheeky food for thought, is available for download on iTunes and Stitcher.

As a nationally recognized expert on food safety and eating clean, she has been featured in, The Huffington Post, Parents Magazine, Sunset Magazine, The New York Times, Epoch Times, INC Magazine, NBC’s Today in LA and The Daily Buzz and is a regular guest on several news shows, including KTLA and KABC in Los Angeles.  She is also the emcee host for the Healthy Food Expo, which includes one of the largest hospitality and food service shows in NYC and the recipient of the World’s Best Technologies gold prize and the Women Making a Difference senator award.

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