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Roger Peppercorn – Feuding Family Members Reunite Against Hired Guns

With the drop of a judge’s gavel, Walt Walker has officially lost everything. The one-time police officer is now without his badge and gun and the moral certainty of right and wrong that had kept him grounded. He has also lost his wife and his two kids to her new boyfriend. Even his sister has turned against him, and it’s all because of his ex-best friend, who also happens to be his brother-in-law. Now Walt, sans gun, gets his badges from an Army Navy store and spends his days in South Florida, working for a boutique insurance firm as their investigator. He spends his nights in dive bars, trying to forget the mess he has made of his life. 

Meanwhile, retired hitman Ronald Jacobs is living in the shadows as a respectable gentlemen farmer, far from the reach and pull of his past life. 

With Walt whiling away the hours as an insurance investigator and Ronald living the simple life on a farm, what could possibly go wrong?

Turns out, plenty. 

In the action-packed thriller, On the Devil’s Side of Heaven, author Roger Peppercorn has woven an entertaining tale of a chance encounter that reunites estranged brothers-in-law and sets them on a collision course of violence and retribution. Hunted by contract killers, the law and corporate bag men, they are pursued across the barren adobes and sweeping vistas of the Mesa Valley in Western Colorado.

Riddled with witty banter, On the Devil’s Side of Heaven is peppered with twisted humor as the two men struggle to put their pasts in front of them and their differences aside, all in their frantic bid to survive the pursuit through the unforgiving badlands. With just enough twists and turns to keep the ending out of reach, On the Devil’s Side of Heaven is a fast-paced guilty pleasure that will leave readers anxious for more.

Author Roger Peppercorn has suffered for the better part of his life from wanderlust, and this need to see the other side of the horizon has taken him to all parts of the world. The people and the backdrops of his travels have inspired his characters and storytelling. 

His first novel, On The Devil’s Side of Heaven, and his upcoming novel, The Sometimes Long Road Home, take place on the western slopes of Colorado, in the sleepy town of Fruita, where he grew up. They center on the strained relationships and sordid histories of three characters, Walt, Ronald and Jessica, and the violence that erupts around them. Roger is married and is a father of four beautiful children. He currently calls South Dakota his home.

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On The Devil’s Side of Heaven 
Publisher: Wallace Publishing
Released: January 2018
ISBN-10: 9781983512469 
ISBN-13: 978-1983512469
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Excerpts from reviews:

“… It’s a fantastic action/thriller with a bit of comedy to take off the edge. The main character is a hit-man that is now a target himself, along with his family. After a few failed attempts, the hunt for their attempted killers and the person or people who hired them takes the reader on an exciting journey through small Colorado and Florida towns. The author has artistically painted vivid scenes and created interesting characters/situations that captivated me throughout this book. … This book was well written, enjoyable, and an easy, quick read. It could/should be translated to the big screen one day, and I will go and see it for sure.” 

“This is a fast-paced page turning action adventure. Looking forward to more from this new author. Keep up the good work.”

“… Great job by a first time author.”

“I read this whole book in 2 sittings … the plot is good and the ending is cool because it doesn’t stick with the overdone stereotypical writing style favored by all too many authors nowadays. Overall, enjoyable enough that I’ll keep an eye peeled for this guy’s next effort.”

“… I liked the depth of characters and got really hooked on the direction the story went. Definitely worth the read.”

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