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CES Debut: Integrated Garden Sensor Tracks Real-Time “Dirt Data”

Vermont-based AgTech startup Seedsheet, today unveiled its newest product, the Garden Guru Sensor, a Bluetooth-enabled sensor that provides users with precise, real-time data to facilitate maximum plant growth and ensure everyone’s gardening experience reaps the benefits of homegrown food. Experience the future of food on the show floor from January 7-10, 2018 at Seedsheet’s “Jumanji-inspired” booth #44175 featuring a few surprise buds in the bounty at the Sands Convention Center.

Seedsheet’s new BTE sensor ensures thriving, full-sized gardens no matter the gardener’s skill level. The discreet, Bluetooth-enabled sensor tracks real-time data for soil moisture, UV light exposure and ambient temperature of the garden environment for optimal growing conditions. The sensor has a wide Bluetooth range for easy monitoring throughout the day and enough battery power to last through a full gardening season. Designed for any of Seedsheet’s garden kits or for the conventional grower, users can simply place the sensor in their garden and monitor the “dirt data” from the Garden Guru companion app. Through the app, users can receive updates from their garden in which they can track germination progress and receive automated tips and video tutorials throughout the lifecycle of the garden, prolonging the harvest and ensuring multiple meals. Geo-location feature also integrates with weather APIs for real-time weather updates for users to track in their region.

“We designed the Garden Guru Sensor as a direct response to the common pain point consumers face while gardening, maintaining a healthy garden and the ability to grow their own food at home,” said Cam MacKugler, founder and chief executive officer, Seedsheet. “We wanted to make gardening so ridiculously easy that all you have to do is add water, and with the Garden Guru that is all you need. Now, even complete garden novices can grow a full-sized garden in no time and enjoy the freshest food possible.”

The Garden Guru Sensor is the latest product to join the lineup of pre-selected plant variety kits for garden-enthusiasts. From a sunny window sill to a balcony or back yard, Seedsheet’s product suite ensures thriving gardens, extensive cost savings and fewer trips to the grocery store.

Seedsheet’s Garden Guru Sensor retails for $29.99 and will be available in Spring 2019. For more information about Seedsheet or to view the entire product line, visit

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About Seedsheet™

Seedsheet was founded in 2014 and began on Kickstarter before quickly gaining retail traction and launching in Home Depot in 2016. The company appeared on Shark Tank in 2017 and has gone on to numerous QVC sellouts and features on Good Morning America and The View. The company manufactures each product in its Middlebury, Vermont factory, and proudly sources the finest organic seeds and soil in the industry. For additional information, visit

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