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Ava St. Pierre: Breaking the Cycle of Abuse with Conviction, Connection and Compassion

Ava St. Pierre knows what it’s like to be a scared and helpless child growing up in a home affected by her mother’s mental illness—an illness that resulted in violence toward her and six siblings. She had no one to turn to and was forced to keep her shame, guilt, and condemnation wrapped up tightly in her soul. But Ava’s indomitable spirit overcame her abusive childhood and while life was never easy, she used her God-given talents to become the best she could be. Today, Ava is a powerful advocate for families and children affected by abuse.

Co-authored with daughter Sheree’ Cogburn, Ava tells her powerful story in After The Storm: Breaking the Cycle of Abuse with Conviction, Connection and Compassion. Also made into an award-winning documentary short film that Ava wrote, edited, appeared in, co-directed and produced, her truly inspiring life story illustrates how grace, forgiveness and God’s unfailing love sets us free from our struggles so we may find the peace we seek.

As a multi-title beauty pageant holder, Ava St. Pierre learned how to achieve her best on stage with focus, vigor, poise and exquisite beauty. As a star athlete from age eleven, she learned how to optimize the power of physical strength and mental endurance. But for this gifted woman, life was rarely easy. Even as Ava witnessed her mother’s steady decline, she chose instead to follow her father’s lead—and live a life of genuine, empathic compassion and enlightenment, helping others survive after their own storm and speaking up for the helpless and haunted. Ava speaks boldly and candidly about overcoming both childhood and adult struggles to find true happiness in life with her inspiring hero, her father Pierre—her biggest fan who encouraged her through her failures and successes in life. 

From daughter to wife and mother to beauty pageant and big game adventurer, Ava takes you on her journey through life in hopes of helping others facing hardships in this remarkable story of love, faith, marriage, family, courage and renewal. Never one to play the victim, Ava’s story is awe-inspiring!

Ava St. Pierre is an author, owner of several successful, family-owned businesses, an actress who has appeared in numerous commercials, print magazines and fashion shows, she was also once a spokesmodel for a top cosmetic company. Best known as Mrs. Texas America, she has been an advocate for better mental healthcare, preventing child abuse and helping the homeless—constantly looking for ways to ‘Pay it Forward.’ Ava lives in the majestic Rocky Mountains of Colorado and is married to her high school sweetheart of almost 40 years. For more information on this remarkable woman, please visit:

After The Storm: Breaking the Cycle of Abuse with Conviction, Connection and Compassion
By Ava St. Pierre
ISBN-13: 9781681022932
Available at bookstores, online outlets, or directly through:…/dp/1681022931

Excerpts from many five-star reviews:

“A book represents a journey to be taken with the author through their eyes, perceptions and recollections of a subject they wish to share… Ava ST Pierre takes us on a LIFE TRIP sharing her trials and tribulations and shows the reader how decisions can lead to destinations either good or bad. The story of the child’s memory of her mother’s slow at first then rapidly overtaking, mental illness is boldly portrayed with poignancy of a daughter longing for a hopeful return of a loving mother lost to the struggles of her disconnected world… This is a powerful story of the human condition, as true today as it was when the author was a young girl, helping her single parent father raise his children… I feel as if I traveled to a less complicated time where laughter, fun and heartache entertained, instructed and molded our neighborhoods…I hope it will be a catalyst of strength for others struggling with Mental Illness, Addiction and Depression. A Must Buy!!”

“This is an inspiring book for anyone living with someone who has depression or mental illness… This book will make you cry and laugh in the same sentence. Thank you, Ava, for sharing your life openly with us all and for your honesty!”

“I have read many stories from many authors, whom also put their insecurities aside and took their courage to new levels to help others heal from painful memories, I have never questioned their stories or outcomes I have only taken away what I needed, what I got from Ava’s autobiography was compassion for illnesses I knew very little about as well as the affect it has on so many around us when we fail to learn… In the book she has shared her most secretive and her most joyous of times.”

“Ava’s story is a testament to the power of love, resiliency and the human spirit.”

“Ava is a queen in every sense of the word, beautiful inside and out, strong, and has managed to keep her heart soft in a world that would harden most… Her story is inspiring and I know she is changing the world for so many, giving hope to the hopeless and shining a light on mental illness.”

“This book is an example of how to CHOOSE a happy life after a devastating situation. Whether you’ve been in that situation or want to help someone who has been, this book can inspire you for the better.”

“What a brave young woman to write such a tough story… Her vulnerability proves that not every smile we see has a fairytale behind it, and that we are all fighting battles no one knows about. I thank her for telling her story and hope that others can learn from her story and triumph just as she has.”

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