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NEW App and Product Launch for Weather-Related Headache Sufferers: WeatherX

It may be time to finally put your headache medication away thanks to a BRAND NEW free, innovative app that just launched (during a perfect time with the season and weather flux). Did you know that 3 out of every 4 headache sufferers says that weather triggers their headache pain? A 2017 study also demonstrated a positive association between the atmospheric pressure and the amount of headache pain a person experiences.

The WeatherX app, now available on the iPhone and Andriod for no charge, works in tandem with a set of atmospheric pressure-filtering earplugs to relieve consumers of weather-related headaches.

How does the app work?

Download WeatherX app on iPhone or Andriod for free
Set your location and sensitivity threshold to your specific needs
Receive a push notification from the WeatherX app when there is a shift in barometric pressure that could bring on a headache for you
Insert WeatherX ear device prior to the barometric pressure shift – proactively preventing your headache

More about the earplugs

A product of Cirrus Healthcare, the makers of EarPlanes
Pressure filtering earplugs for weather pressure changes
Ceramic inner filter regulates air flow in and out of the ear canal
Four rings to guarantee a snug yet comfortable fit
Made of soft, cleanable, hypoallergenic silicone
Available in adult and children’s size
Money back guarantee

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