Turkey on the Table
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Thanksgiving Tradition That Gives Back

A new, fun family tradition is helping to instill gratitude in children while also giving back meals to those in a need.

Turkey on the Table was created by two moms as a genuine way to celebrate the true meaning of Thanksgiving. The kits comes with an adorable knit turkey that has feathers to be filled out with what each member of the family is thankful for, each day leading up to Thanksgiving. Once the turkey is “fully dressed” and all the feathers are filled out, it’s ready to gobble up attention as a beautiful centerpiece (great for the kids table!) for the big day. A book is also included in the kit to teach about the meaning of gratitude, as well as extra feathers.

Plus, with each with each Turkey on the Table purchase, they give back 10 meals to those in need through their partnership with Feeding America, and this year their goal is to hit 1 million meals donated! https://turkeyonthetable.com/

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