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Parents, Stop Cleaning! Your Mental Health Depends On It.

No Wonder Parents Are Burned Out – Study Finds They Have Only 32 Mins of ‘Me-Time’ Per Day! “A study into the everyday lives of 2,000 moms and dads found that the typical parent has just over 30 minutes to themselves every day,” reports Fox News (story here). “And many have to hide from their kids to get a breather!”

“Parental burnout is a very real thing,” says Andrew Wittman, author of the new book Seven Secrets of Resilience for Parents, which tackles topics of stress reduction and combatting burnout in busy parents.

“Carving out time for yourself is vital to being an effective parent,” explains Andrew, who knows a thing or two about dealing with stress; He’s a Former Marine, Police Officer & Bodyguard to Hillary Clinton. He also taught high-threat diplomatic security to Navy SEALs & Special Forces. “If you’re on the verge of burnout, self-care should become your new priority . . .”

SO STOP CLEANING! “Just like on the airplane, put your oxygen mask on first and then help the kids. Triage is essential. Everything isn’t a crisis or even a necessity. Pick and prioritize. For example, my wife and I decided that jointly taking personal time to regroup was a higher priority than folding laundry and cleaning the house, picking up toys and making beds. We learned to live a happier life in a messier house.” (Note: Andrew’s wife Kimmi is available for interviews too!)

Andrew Wittman has been interviewed by Fox & Friends, Business Insider, MarketWatch, Men’s Journal, Hallmark’s Home & Family, Wall Street Journal, BBC, CBS, ESPN, Fortune and he’s available to discuss:

• Could it really be true that parents only get 32 minutes of ‘me-time’ per day?
• Does this lack of personal time make busy parents fall victim to burnout?
• How does burnout impact their parenting? Does it make them more impatient, quick to fly off the handle?
• Can it also lead to depression? Even divorce?
• What can parents do about this? Is there a way to make more time in their schedule for self-care? How?
• Plus, if there’s no way to free up time, how can they make the most of those 32 minutes per day?

Andrew’s new book “Seven Secrets of Resilience for Parents” brings strategies from his high-pressure career history to teach moms and dads how to boost their mental stamina to better deal the challenges of parenting including excruciating toddler tantrums, teenage angst, mental and physical exhaustion, and much more.

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