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NEW World Bracelet Perfect For Someone With Wanderlust!

The world is a big place full of adventure and memories! Now there is a way to bring the entire world closer to home with Earth Bands’ World Bracelet.

Launching this month, the popular brand Earth Bands is releasing its brand-new collection of beautifully crafted bracelets. The World Bracelet is made from the actual earth collected from continents around the world and comes in three gorgeous colors: olive, blush pink and baby blue.

Like Earth Bands’ other bracelets and anklets, the World Bracelet is made from woven hemp rope and adorned with beads made from the sand or soil that are rolled by hand. Earth Bands not only fun and stylish, they are a meaningful way to connect with special places like your favorite beach or your hometown, where you went to college or just a memorable trip. The World Bracelet makes that connection a whole lot bigger, connecting you with not just one place, but the whole world! Now that’s a statement to wear on your wrist!

These beautiful bracelets make a perfect gift for those consumed by wanderlust and adventure. Give a meaningful gift this holiday season that everyone in the world will love!

About Earth Bands:

Earth Bands are the ultimate meaningful bracelet, allowing people to reflect on how much they love being on this magnificent planet, so rich with life and stunning beauty. The most unique ingredient is the earth’s vibe captured in every bead. Wearing Earth Bands strengthens that bond and awareness to the planet. The personal meaning and the power people experience with our bracelets is the ultimate reward for us! Each band is meant to create a meaningful memento for the person wearing it, honoring their time spent in special places. The company also gives back to charities that work to protect mother earth: Rainforest Action Network, Protect Our Winters Charity, and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. The production of Earth Bands employs local youth in the company’s hometown, Mt. Shasta, California.

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