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Long Island Officials Bet Massachusetts Officials On Yankees Vs. Red Sox Alds

New York State and Massachusetts have declared a Chowder War as the Major League Baseball American League Divisional Series begins and the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees take the field tonight in the greatest rivalry in sports – and the greatest rivalry in food begins: the iconic Manhattan Clam Chowder vs. New England Clam Chowder. Winner of the baseball series is one step closer to the World Series Championships.

A challenge for the honor of the chowder and for the honor on the baseball diamond will take place this week and all bragging rights depend on the results of the ALDS. The Yankees and Red Sox have an age-old hatred one-another dating back to the early 20th Century, with the chowder rivalry beginning shortly thereafter. Historical reports dispute whether Babe Ruth preferred Manhattan Clam Chowder or New England Clam Chowder.

Town of Hempstead Councilman Anthony D’Esposito, a die-hard New York Sports Fan, has agreed to a wager with Massachusetts State Representative Bradford Hill, with Long Island’s famous Peter’s Clam Bar and The Clam Box, located in Ipswich, which is known as the “Home of the Ipswich Fried Clam.” Losing team’s representative has agreed to eat their opponent’s clam chowder while wearing the opposing team’s baseball cap, and donate chowder to a regional food pantry.

New England Clam Chowder and Manhattan Clam Chowder have a 80 year-long rivalry which has pitted the two Northeast cities against one-another. Consequently, New England states debated legislation over the years to outlaw tomato use in chowder, which is the signature ingredient for New York’s own Manhattan Clam Chowder. Peter’s Clam Bar, a 75-year old clam house, is widely regarded as Long Island’s best Manhattan Clam Chowder. The Clam Box, a critically acclaimed clam restaurant, is a nationally recognized approximately 30 miles north of historic Boston.

“New York never backs down and I am always pumped to see our teams fighting for the win. We are the home of 27 World Series Championships and where the Great Bambino, Babe Ruth, played his best baseball. I can’t wait to see Red Sox Fans eating our-famous red Manhattan Clam Chowder, after we march past Boston to the ALCS and ultimately the world series – in Yankees style,” said Anthony D’Esposito, Councilman, Town of Hempstead.

“The Boston Red Sox are going to take this series, so we in Boston stand behind our team and are ready to take it to the Yankees. The Red Sox are going to bring back the World Series to its rightful home here in Boston. New England Clam Chowder is the best and the original, that’s a truth that we all know, and so the City of Boston looks forward to whooping New York twice by this series end,” said Massachusetts Representative Bradford Hill.

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