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New technology transforms phone videos into beautiful home movies announced today the first intelligent solution to help families transform their personal videos stored on smartphones into beautiful family home movies. Users needed a way to take the hundreds of videos and thousands of images piling up on cell phones from family vacations, babies’ first walk or a once in a lifetime adventure and watch them with no effort. solves this problem by combining artificial intelligence (AI) with a human touch to deliver home movies via online streaming (Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV and Chromecast), in-app viewing or by DVD, so users can focus on making more memories instead of editing them.

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It’s hard to deny that video usage and consumption is growing with “mobile video traffic accounting for 60 percent of total mobile data traffic in 2016.” The result is we are not only consuming more video, but also capturing more video via smartphones. Family memories are important and irreplaceable, yet most of the video on mobile devices remain unedited and takes up critical storage space. intelligently edits cell phone videos by taking uploaded content and automatically adding music, transitions and effects. The process is as easy as tapping photos and videos from a smartphone and uploading them to We then take these videos and stitch it together into an enjoyable long-form Magic Movie with zero user effort.

“We have found the formula to solving the questions of ‘What should I do with all these videos on my phone’ and ‘How can we relive my memories”, said Paul Brockbank, CEO of “Our approach takes the time restraints, editing knowledge challenges, and expensive apps and tools out of the equation for customers. We have made it easier than ever to watch home movies on the big screen so users can binge-watch their lives.”

What makes different?

1. It’s more than a video mash-up
2. Simply upload and go, does the rest
3. Home movies for people who don’t have time to make/edit home movies
4. Take home videos from the small screen to the big screen
5. Access home movies anywhere, anytime through’s streaming service
6. Preserve memories forever

Availability: is available now in the iTunes App store or Google Play store.

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